Although being served with an AVO or Protection Order is not the same as being charged with a criminal offence, breaching an AVO can result in criminal charges being laid and, if you plead guilty or are found guilty of a breach, a conviction is likely to be recorded.

Our lawyers have decades of experience in responding to AVOs and Protection Orders.

Being the subject of an AVO may also result in serious hurdles or complications in obtaining or renewing certain licences including firearms licences or working with children checks. Orders can also sometimes be unduly restrictive in prohibiting contact between partners and/or children. When this occurs alongside family law proceedings, the results can be devastating. It is therefore important to take a strategic and considered approach as soon as an Order is served on you.


These matters can cause heightened emotions which means they require a nuanced and balanced approach and sensitivity to the situation. We will work to ensure the restrictions in the AVO or Protection Order impact your daily life as little as possible. In some cases a more aggressive approach and complete defence of a matter is called for. Either way, it is essential to have an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers in your corner.

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