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Being accused of a criminal offence can be overwhelming. When this happens, you need a specialist criminal lawyer in your corner who knows what they are doing and what you are going through. Our lawyers appear in courts across NSW and the ACT on a daily basis. We have Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law.

As leaders in criminal defence we know that every story has two sides. We defend yours.

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Being accused of a criminal offence can be overwhelming. It can also have serious long-term consequences. Offences can carry the prospect of gaol, fines, bonds or community service. Even the recording of a criminal conviction can have a significant impact on future work prospects or travel.

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Although being served with an AVO or Protection Order is not the same as being charged with a criminal offence, breaching an AVO can result in criminal charges being laid and, if you plead guilty or are found guilty of a breach, a conviction is likely to be recorded.

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Drink and drug driving charges, as well as many other traffic offences, can have a significant impact on your current and/or future employment. They can also restrict your ability to undertake general and/or family commitments.

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If you believe you have been wrongly convicted of a crime or received a harsh sentence, know that you have the right to pursue an appeal. It could be that you believe the conviction itself is wrong or there may be an argument that one or more legal errors occurred in the handling of your case.

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These types of investigations and hearings can have serious consequences on your career and might result in criminal charges being laid. It is essential to have an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers in your corner.

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If you or someone you know is considering suing or taking action against the Police, State of New South Wales, ACT Government or another person or organisation, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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