26 / 7 / 2021

Damien Mahon

Damien provides representation and advice in all areas of State and Commonwealth criminal law. As a confident and proficient advocate, Damien has demonstrated success acting in a diverse range of matters including murder and offences of violence, terrorism offences, sexual assault, drug offences, fraud and white-collar crime.

Damien has successfully defended a large volume of contested matters. He has a strong understanding of the rules of evidence and subjects all material relied upon by the prosecution to a high level of scrutiny.

In sentence matters, Damien has an aptitude for identifying mitigating factors and extenuating circumstances which are favourable to his clients and promote the need for leniency and rehabilitation in place of punishment.

Damien has a genuine passion for criminal defence law. He provides timely, clear and considered advice and works tenaciously to obtain positive results for his clients.