Our Story As Leading Criminal Defence Lawyers


Hugo Law Group is a leading criminal defence law firm committed to defending the rights of our clients and delivering exceptional legal representation. With offices in Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Northern NSW, the firm is dedicated to expanding its reach and delivering the highest quality of service to clients across Australia.

Our team is made up of highly skilled and experienced criminal defence lawyers who are dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for our clients. We take a strategic and proactive approach to each case, ensuring that our clients are well-informed throughout the entire process.

As leaders in criminal defence, we are committed to staying at the forefront of our industry and continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our clients. We operate criminal law firms in Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Northern NSW, and are dedicated to continuing to deliver exceptional legal representation and defend the rights of those we represent. As leaders in criminal defence we know that every story has two sides. We defend yours.


At Hugo Law Group, we understand that every story has two sides, and we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal representation that defends our clients’ side of the story. Our name is inspired by legal scholar and philosopher Hugo Grotius, who believed that every individual has the right to defend themselves. This belief inspires us to protect and defend the rights of those who need our help.

Hugo Law Group has quickly become a market leader in the industry, providing exceptional representation to people facing serious criminal charges.

The firm has consistently been recognised at the highest levels of First Tier in Sydney and Leading in Canberra in the Leading Criminal Defence Firm rankings of Doyles.


Dear Tom and Stephanie, Thank you for everything you’ve done! You gave me hope and helped me in my darkest days. I can’t thank you enough for both myself and baby.

Kind regards, MB.

Carol, I’ve just read through all the material you and counsel prepared and filled in my case, and I’m so incredibly impressed with what you and Counsel have been able to pull together – not to mention in such a ridiculously short time frame.

But more importantly I’m completely touched that you’ve taken this on with no notice, and worked around the clock when there are so many other things you have on.

I know it would’ve been so much easier for you both not to bother. Regardless of the outcome this Friday, I will never forget what you’ve done for F and I here. Carol, as mentioned to Counsel, I think you are an extraordinarily talented force of nature.


Karen, thanks very much for all your help and achieving the result we got. We set out for an objective and you got us there. I have so much respect with how well prepared the case was and how smoothly you presented it.


Thanks so much for your great efforts & outcome. Life back to normal feels great. We really appreciate your personal touch. Hope 2021 brings you success.

S & D

I wanted to take the time this evening to thank you for allowing Mr Damien Mahon to represent me today at the Downing Centre Local Court. Your firm and in particular Damien was recommended to me by my brother in law.

My case concerned a traffic infringement that unfortunately would have lead to me losing my licence. Damien investigated my situation and completely understood my disposition. He was patient and compassionate and took the time to investigate the circumstances behind my petition. His advice was delivered succinctly and with clarity. He explained the process I was to go through and was able to put me at ease, without neglecting to inform me of any negative potential consequences.

I was very relieved to receive a favourable judgment from the magistrate due to Damien’s hard work, expertise and professionalism during the hearing today.

Thank you again for allowing Damien to represent me. He is an asset to your firm.

Sincerely FB

“Hugo Law Group motto – ‘Every story has two sides – We defend yours’. This was 100% validated when we engaged Adrian McKenna to act for us as our Criminal Lawyer.

Adrian’s acute attention to details of our issue enabled him to conclude quickly and accurately with what was required to successfully represent us with relevant correspondence / discussions and court attendance – regardless of the time. Adrian even took calls when on his holiday!

Adrian really was on our side and we can not recommend him highly enough if you want him too on yours.”


Hello Stephanie, Thanks very much for your assistance in the matter, you were very professional and I appreciate it.

Best regards, MG

Thank you Stephanie, We really appreciate the peace of mind you brought to the table, thank you for your advice and representation, it was much appreciated.

Kind regards, C

I cannot recommend this crew enough. I dealt with Tom and I just cannot believe how non stressful he made this nightmare of mine. Tom and the team’s professionalism was second to none. They went the extra mile and ensured my case was head and most importantly the truth came out.

They are your number 1 criminal lawyers to go to. Nothing is ever too complex for these guys. They will always find a way to defend you and your situation.


“Tom Tiffen from the Canberra office provided wise advice, he thought and acted strategically and was an excellent advocate on my behalf. An excellent outcome was achieved, and I am very happy with the service provided.  I strongly recommend Hugo Law Group.”


“…After landing myself in an unlucky and unfortunate situation, I was in critical need of legal representation.

Criminal law – an area unbeknown to myself, I had swallow all pride and place full trust within my lawyer and the firm.

Represented by Senior Lawyer, Rebecca Kreisler – Rebecca talked me through the processes and explained all the possible scenarios and outcomes.  At all times, Rebecca was consistently practical, transparent and always well versed.

When presenting in front of his honor, Rebecca was prepared, to the point and most importantly confidently strong and spoke with clear diction and volume.

The case concluded with the best possible outcome – and I sincerely give thanks and high praise to Rebecca for her humility and professionalism whilst dealing with my case…”


I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much of a pleasure it was dealing with Lindsay. The previous legal team caused me a lot of distress. After reaching breaking point I made the decision to find a new legal team, and we are so thankful we found Hugo Law Group. Lindsay’s expertise and professionalism instantly instilled confidence and relieved us of stress. She is diligent, compassionate, and so very kind. Whilst there is one remaining matter I know my brother is in good hands with Lindsay and Hugo Law Group.

Best Wishes, CB.

What a great result! I couldn’t be happier and Jordan was fantastic the entire way through. I am so relieved and deeply grateful for both yours and Jordan’s assistance over the journey.

Thanks again! T

I want to thank Damien Mahon, Sian O’Shaughnessy and Umar Ikram from the hugo law team for taking care of me thru all my legal matters for the last 4 years. They have been more than helpful. Very compassionate and really supportive of my journey through court in all my matters. Extra 5 stars for Damien for not giving up on me and always being available when I needed legal help any hour of the day!


Hi Carol, Thank you again for the outcome today! Massive relief for the both of us and for our families. We love your warm and kind heart – you were so understanding, yet so professional!

Thank you M&P

Karen, Thank you so much, a truly stellar result. Very happy with the outcome. I wish you the best as well with your practice, you’ve proven you can get the job done! Again, well done.


Helen, working with you has been a pleasure, and obviously an even greater pleasure with a positive outcome. You have been attentive, professional and when in the courtroom you were not only the most prepared, but also knew everything you needed to know and more. It was very impressive. 100% would recommend.


Damien Mahon represented my son at a hearing in the local court. The facts were somewhat unclear, which made for a demanding assignment. Damien was empathetic to the situation and researched the matter thoroughly and efficiently. He prepared us for what to expect in court and was very well-organised, which the judge seemed to appreciate. We were delighted with the outcome.