Our Story

Younes + Espiner Lawyers and McKenna Taylor, two preeminent criminal law firms in Sydney and Canberra respectively, have recently merged, joining forces under a new firm and brand –Hugo Law Group.


As a firm focused on protecting your rights, our name was inspired by the legal scholar and philosopher Hugo Grotius who, amongst other things, gave life to the idea that individuals have rights.

Like us, Hugo believed that everybody has the right to defend themselves. Every day, this inspires us to protect and defend the rights of our clients who need our help.

As leaders in criminal defence we know that every story has two sides. We defend yours.


Both Younes + Espiner Lawyers and McKenna Taylor were widely regarded as leaders in their respective jurisdictions, so we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for Hugo Law Group.

Hugo Law Group will continue to deliver specialised criminal defence representation in both NSW and the ACT. With combined resources and an integrated leadership team, our shared vision of elevating the standard expected of professions operating in this difficult area of the law is now implemented across jurisdictions and at greater scale.

Hugo Law Group has quickly become a market leader in the industry, providing exceptional representation to people facing serious criminal charges.


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