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I had a 6 year criminal case that was abit outthere.Hugo law Groups excellent in both professionalism and experience was beyond what i was expecting!My experience was exceptionally great. A very well organized firm, experienced and professional. Customer service was excellent and the lawyer Rebecca Kriesler and counsel Caitlin Akthar of Forbs chambers on my case, were beyond amazing and i got the outcome that i wanted! They worked
very well together and were very thorough and very experienced.Rebecca knows what she is talking about. All in all, I had a positive experience and I highly recommend Hugo law 10 stars 🌟 for me .
Hugo Law Group (Canberra) – Result driven and professional service of the highest standard. We were so grateful to work with Stephanie Beckedahl on a recent matter. Stephanie was an amazing lawyer, we cannot thank enough for her great support, knowledge and determination.
Very professional and efficient lawyers. I highly recommend Mitchell Greig to help you with your case. Mitchell worked tirelessly to defend me and helped me achieve a positive result. I am very grateful. Five stars.
Nobody enjoys going to court so it was reassuring to be advised and represented by Mitchell Greig. He is wise, supportive and stands for his clients. His background, legal knowledge and experience, make him relatable both to his client and to the court. Not all heroes wear capes, however, in my mind, Mitchell is certainly worthy. Thank you!
I had the pleasure of engaging Hugo Law Group, for Legal counsel. They were very transparent, helpful and reassuring during the entire process. Highly recommend to anyone seeking legal advice. Special Thanks to Tom Taylor!
I would recommend Mitchell Grieg for any matter. Approachable , Professional , honest and will fight for best outcome possible.
Helpful, understanding and great guidance every step of the way. Couldn’t fault them and can’t thank them enough. 5/5
For the past two years my family has engaged Tom Taylor at Hugo Law for a matter which frankly should never have entered our lives. Unfortunately it did and we needed a high quality advocate who could give us balanced honest advice and support. Tom was amazing. Highly credentialled of course, but more than that, he was honest, down to earth and he approached our issue with a level of tenacity which was reassuring. He, and Hugo Law, were a godsend in a very stressful time. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Tom and his team are professional, brilliant and, most importantly, human.
Jack a young upcoming lawyer took on two cases of mine. He handled the process extremely professional in the difficult situation. Enabling me and working directly with ADACAS staff to assist with the case and reports required.

Max took over one of the legal disagreement of mine. He was highly professional, understanding and compassionate. Max is highly educated, informed with current legislation and provides a welcoming environment. He is honest about recommendations.

Dealing with complex disabilities both staff member were accommodating to myself, my needs and my support animal.

Highly recommend Hugo Law group!
Adrian McKenna is a prodigy. Achieved a great result, couldn’t be happier. Down to earth and always reachable. 10/10
Worked with Thomas Tiffen as my lawyer. Very professional and always quick to respond. Highly recommend.
I made contact with Max and told him of my situation and Max told me that he would help me out. Max advised me that he would aim for the best possible outcome for me in my situation.

At the end of the day, Max achieved the best possible outcome for me.

Max was very professional in his dealings regarding my situation from beginning to end, everything was explained to me and Max followed through.

I would highly recommend Max to anyone & I would gladly use Max again if I needed him.
I was referred to Adrian McKenna at Hugo Law by a friend (solicitor). As I had never been a defendent before I was naturally extremely nervous and scared. As soon as I met Adrian I knew I was in good hands.
Adrian was so professional with his explanations of what to expect. He was also compassionate and listened to me. I asked so many questions. He looked at me and said “let us do our job”, and “follow his directions”.
The Barrister he engaged to my case was excellent. Over weeks and months, with hearings in between, waiting for the court date and the final hearings I was so nervous and asked too many questions again. Again, “let us do our job”. A confidence boost again from Adrian.
The Barrister asked all the right questions which I wanted him to ask. He and Adrian provided all the facts and statements that were vital to the Magistrates decisions.
We got the best outcome, no convictions.
I thank Adrian and his team for their patience, guidance, advice, and compassion through my heartbreaking ordeal. His advice “let us do our job” was the best advice leading to the best result.
I would highly recommend Adrian at HugoLaw. He gets the job done!
I recently had the pleasure of hiring the HUGO Law Firm to handle some driving charges I was facing, and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. My lawyer, Max Hasler, was outstanding in every way. He was always professional, showing a deep understanding of the law and a genuine commitment to my case.

Max was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly caring. He took the time to listen to my concerns and was always available whenever I needed him. Whether it was a quick phone call or an in-depth discussion about the details of my case, Max made sure I felt supported and informed every step of the way.

The dedication and expertise that Max and the HUGO Law Firm demonstrated have truly made a difference in my life. I highly recommend Max Hasler and the entire team at HUGO Law Firm to anyone in need of legal advice in the ACT. Their professionalism, compassion, and availability are second to none.

Thank you, Max and HUGO Law Firm, for your exceptional service!
Absolutely outstanding! Thomas is a brilliant lawyer who took my husband’s case level 3 drink drive. Thomas worked tirelessly on our case and achieved the best possible outcome in our case. I couldn’t be happier with his strategic approach expertise, dedication, and exceptional results. Thank you for your service Thomas. Highly recommend!”
Highly recommend Mitchell Greig. He made the experience seamless, relieved the stress of the situation and was very informative through the whole process.
Thank you, Thomas, for your exceptional work and for helping me navigate through a challenging legal matter with ease and confidence. Thank you for the hard work and dedication.
Adrian and the team at Hugo Law Group have been exceptional throughout the duration of my case. Adrian and his team have saved me from one of the most difficult times of my life. I am forever grateful for what they have done for me. Thank you.
I recently finished a court matter a few weeks ago where, Adrian and the group at Hugo law were very helpful, informative and insightful in helping my family and me throughout it all.

The whole time I felt supported and well informed about what would happen and what our desired outcome was. Adrian was also very knowledgeable and was always on hand with good advice about anything I had questions about.

Overall, my experience was one of profound professionalism and excellent service.

Thank you Adrian and the team at Hugo Law.

– Luci
Wonderful, compassionate and skill full team at Hugo.
Completely professional and personal service provided by Mitchell. Brought a great strategy to achieve a successful outcome. Personable and responsive! Thanks Mitchell at Hugo Law. Jon R
I am very grateful to Stephanie and the entire Hugo Law Group. My son’s case was handled with compassion, skill and efficiency. Stephanie was amazing in the court arena, never intimidated by the magistrate, always willing to argue the client’s point of view with truth and fairness.
She achieved the result I hoped for
and I am so pleased that the Hugo Law Group was recommended to me. They really do adhere to their motto of there being two sides to every story.
With appreciation and gratitude
Sue Mitchell

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    If you are accused of a criminal offence, you need a specialist criminal lawyer in your corner. With some of the most highly regarded lawyers in Northern NSW, our team of criminal lawyers will provide you with comprehensive, honest and strategic advice.

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    Carol Younes
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    Helen Christinson
    Partner — Sydney

    Damien Mahon
    Senior Associate — Northern NSW

    Jordan Portokalli
    Associate — Sydney

    Lindsay Stankovic
    Associate — Sydney

    Joshua O’Rahilly-Hadley
    Lawyer — Sydney

    Northern NSW Traffic Defence Lawyers

    At Hugo Law Group, we are deeply committed to protecting the rights of our clients and offering the highest standard of legal counsel. This dedication extends to various domains, including traffic law within New South Wales.

    The privilege of holding a valid driver’s licence is essential for numerous individuals, serving various purposes. Understanding the significance of this legal realm, we approach it with utmost seriousness. With a profound understanding of both the technical intricacies of diverse traffic offences and the broader legal framework, we possess the expertise necessary to navigate this field effectively.

    Our expertise seamlessly integrates with our empathetic approach, ensuring that individuals facing the daunting prospect of losing their driver’s licence and encountering other penalties receive the support and understanding they deserve.

    As specialists in NSW traffic law, the Hugo Law Group team is resolute in defending your rights and advocating your perspective. Whether you opt for a guilty or not guilty plea, we stand by your side, guiding you through legal proceedings to secure the most favourable outcome possible.

    Australian traffic law

    The possession of a driver’s licence signifies freedom and convenience, making any potential threat of its revocation or restriction impactful.

    On a personal level, such circumstances may impede one’s ability to fulfil family commitments, while professionally they could jeopardise current employment or future career prospects.

    As highly seasoned and respected traffic defence attorneys in Northern Rivers NSW, we comprehend the immense stress accompanying charges of traffic offences.

    During such challenging times, enlisting the support of an experienced and knowledgeable traffic lawyer becomes imperative. A traffic law specialist from Hugo Law Group can outline clearly the charges, potential outcomes, and avenues for recourse, whether through a sentence hearing, defended hearing, or licence appeals.

    The spectrum of traffic charges encompasses a broad array of offences, ranging from drink and drug driving to negligent driving and driving resulting in death or grievous bodily harm. Each charge presents its own set of technical distinctions, demanding a custom defence strategy. As specialists in traffic law, we adeptly navigate these complexities to mount the most effective defence.

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    Traffic offences: A complex landscape

    Traffic law spans a vast spectrum, encompassing offences that vary significantly in severity. From minor driver’s licence and registration infractions to egregious acts of dangerous driving resulting in death, this legal domain is intricate and multifaceted.

    Consequently, associated penalties also vary widely. While some infractions may incur monetary fines, others may lead to licence disqualification. In cases of severe misconduct such as negligent or culpable driving resulting in death or grievous bodily harm, imprisonment becomes a distinct possibility.

    Considering the unique nature of each traffic offence, the potential ramifications, and the available evidence, our team of specialist traffic lawyers is equipped to chart the most favourable course of action for you.

    Navigating court processes

    Court proceedings in traffic law cases can vary significantly. While some matters may be resolved without the need for a court appearance, others necessitate representation before a magistrate or, in rare instances, a judge. The sentencing exercise may encompass community corrections orders, intensive corrections orders, or imprisonment, in addition to licence suspension.

    Given our extensive experience appearing in courts across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia, we approach these processes with confidence and skill, ensuring our clients’ interests are vigorously defended.

    Understanding the implications

    Aside from the immediate legal consequences, traffic offences also carry implications for an individual’s driving record, separate from their criminal history. This record, detailing traffic history and convictions, may be scrutinised by current or prospective employers during background checks, underscoring the importance of prompt legal intervention.

    With a discerning eye for the facts and a commitment to securing the most strategic and prudent outcome, the Northern Rivers team at Hugo Law Group places your interests at the forefront of every endeavour.

    Our Expertise

    The Hugo Law Group difference for NSW

    Being charged with a traffic offence can be an immensely stressful experience, particularly considering the profound impact it may have on one’s personal and professional life. At Hugo Law Group, we recognise the gravity of these circumstances and are dedicated to providing unwavering support and exceptional legal representation.

    In navigating the complexities of traffic law, we approach each case with empathy and compassion, recognising the human dimension inherent in legal proceedings. Our commitment to supporting our clients forms the cornerstone of our practice.

    From the outset, we stand by your side, meticulously examining the details of your case and tailoring our approach to your unique circumstances. Whether interfacing with law enforcement or appearing before a judicial authority, we ensure that your side of the story is comprehensively and strategically presented.

    In this intricate legal landscape, we prioritise transparency and communication, keeping you fully informed about the nature of the charges, potential defences, and likely outcomes. Our dedication to providing the highest standard of service mirrors the level of care we would extend to our own loved ones facing similar challenges.

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    Areas we service as traffic defence lawyers

    Our legal team can represent anyone from the following and their surrounding suburbs:

    • Alstonville
    • Ballina
    • Bangalow
    • Bogangar
    • Brunswick Heads
    • Byron Bay
    • Casino
    • Drake
    • Evans Head
    • Grafton
    • Iluka
    • Kingscliff
    • Kyogle
    • Lennox Head
    • Lismore
    • Maclean
    • Mullumbimby
    • Murwillumbah
    • New Brighton
    • Nimbin
    • Nymboida
    • Ocean Shores
    • Pottsville
    • Suffolk Park
    • Tweed Heads
    • Whiporie
    • Wollongbar
    • Yamba

    NSW traffic law FAQs

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is categorised as a criminal offence. Charges for this violation typically arise when the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) detected in your breath surpasses the legally permitted threshold.

    It’s worth noting that the prescribed BAC limit varies among individuals. For instance, drivers holding a full licence must maintain a BAC of 0.05 or lower, whereas those operating vehicles with L Plates or P Plates are mandated to adhere to a zero BAC requirement.

    Certain traffic regulations and road laws are applicable to all properties, irrespective of their public or private status. This encompasses severe traffic infractions, including instances where a vehicle is intentionally used to inflict harm.

    While navigating through private properties not openly accessible to the general public, some driving regulations may not be enforced, such as speeding or, in specific scenarios, driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s essential to differentiate between private property, where certain laws may not apply, and private roads—accessible to the public for driving—where such laws remain enforceable.


    “Hi Carol, from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything that you have done for me over the last couple of weeks. I was seriously completely lost with everything to do with this matter and you were nothing but sincere and genuine the entire time and for that I wanted to say thank you. I really wouldn’t have been able to attend today without you. Thank you.”

    – K’s Family